Everything you’ve told the youth is a lie: NC to Mehbooba

Srinagar: National Conference on Wednesday said everything that Mehbooba Mufti had promised to the youth of the State so far had turned out to be a lie and that her recent promise of jobs to the youth in lieu of their support was yet another hollow statement aimed at misleading the youth of the State and exploiting them to reap political dividends. National Conference State Spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu said on one hand Mehbooba Mufti’s Finance Minister says all government employees are liabilities and that he won’t create any further jobs and on the other hand she is herself offering jobs to exploit our youth.

Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah

“Every word Mehbooba Mufti has said since 2014, starting with stopping the march of BJP to ensuring flood relief and rehabilitation has proven to be a lie and she will continue lying to them. The same youth who are being asked to support her in order to get Government jobs had been promised that PDP would stop the march of BJP if the youth voted it into power. The same young men and women were promised that they would get much better flood relief and compensation than the package conceived and proposed by the previous Government. Every single promise has been broken effortlessly”, the NC State Spokesperson said in a statement issued from Party Headquarters in Srinagar.

The NC Spokesperson also cautioned Mehbooba Mufti against portraying the political issue and unrest in Kashmir as a manifestation of unemployment. “The issue in Kashmir is not economic but political in nature. Doling out jobs to seek political support and favour will not change the political challenges and realities of the State. Rather than unequivocally telling New Delhi that the issue in Kashmir is political and not about jobs, doles, packages or money – she has shockingly yet again distorted the ground reality and provided New Delhi with an excuse to turn a blind eye towards what is happening in Kashmir. Nothing could be more tragic coming from a person who sought votes on the political plank and promised that the resolution of the political issue would be her party’s foremost priority”, the NC Spokesperson added in the statement.

“While Mehbooba Mufti was promising jobs to the youth who attended her meeting, the Police – headed by a Ministry in her charge – was busy baton-charging and chasing protesting NHM employees seeking pay-parity and regularization after years of dedicated and specialized service. Could anything be more ironic? How can promises of jobs and batons for employees seeking justice go hand-in-hand? One understands Mehbooba Ji’s penchant for U-turns and hollow promises but now that she is the Chief Minister of the State – she should try to uphold the integrity and dignity of her office by not misleading the people in such a brazen manner”, the NC Spokesperson further said.

The NC Spokesperson also accused PDP of promoting a culture of backdoor appointments in departments under its control and misusing Central Funds and Schemes to benefit its own workers and activists. “A Chief Minister who is responsible for patronizing a culture of backdoor appointments should not talk about jobs for the unemployed youth of the State. The number of backdoor appointments is shocking as certain bureaucrats have sidelined their obligation to the State and its people and are openly acting as PDP agents. A party that is depriving merit-holders and deserving candidates of jobs that they deserve shouldn’t talk about employment for the unemployed. It’s shameful”, the NC Spokesperson further added.


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