Existing numbers ‘doesn’t exist for BSNL’

KL Report


In the midst of the worst crises in Kashmir, the most affected entity seems to be BSNL cellular services as the existent numbers are non-existent for it.

According to the KNS correspondent, scores of people Tuesday complained that whenever they tried to contact their dear ones, the BSNL declares their respective numbers non-existent and repeated attempts yield no results.

Mohammad Ashraf, a Habba Kadal resident whose relatives live in South Kashmir told KNS that every day he tries to contact them, he is repeatedly being served the Ironic answer that the ‘number doesn’t exist’. “I wonder what has happened to BSNL why it s indulging in such tactics wherein customers are taken for a ride in the midst of crises.” He added that he is worried about the condition of his relatives as they might need any emergency help from him at present. “Last time I contacted them was four days ago. Now I really regret of having this BSNL connection,” said Ashraf.

He is indeed one of the thousands of aggrieved BSNL users who are at present up in arms against their service provider for leaving people in the midst of uncertainty and chaos.

“It was expected from BSNL that it would restore mobile connectivity at eralest as being the government run organisation but it proved to be a failure again at the time when it was needed most,” said Hakeem Adil, a  Kashmir university student.

Adil was seconded by his other room mates who are the residents of South Kashmir and here live as paying guests. They told KNS that they had to undertake extreme hardships to contact their respective families in South Kashmir. “Our parents are worried about us more than we are worried and concerned about them. The cellular companies could be become bridge for people to reach out to their dear ones but instead they added miseries and proved once again that they are in Kashmir to mince out money from people and nothing else,” said Shakir Saleem.

BSNL earlier had claimed that it would be first to restore connectivity in the flood torn valley but as more than 16 days have passed it is yet to restore the services with the subscribers at large aghast over the inordinate delay.


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