Experts at SKIMS warn people about unwashed fruits

KL Report


The experts at SKIMS have warned people about consumption of unwashed fruits and vegetables, loaded with pesticides which they said can lead to serious health issues.

Prof Showkat Ali Mufti HOD Emergency Medicine Wednesday said that they received 18 years old  patient with MRD No. 801755 on 15-6-2014 in coma and shock who had consumed about one Kg unwashed cherries. “Examination and investigations revealed that she had developed Organ Phosphorous poisoning. It was revealed that the pesticide was sprayed on cherries few days back.”

However, the patient was saved by team efforts of doctors at emergency medicine, he added. “We request people to take only washed fruits and vegetables and in appropriate quantities to stay safe and healthy.”

Director SKIMS and prominent Gastroenterologist of the state Dr S. A Zargar explained that maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is essential for health. “Number of infectious diseases  can be prevented by simple measures like hand washing and proper washing of fruits/vegetables  particularly to prevent the spread of various forms of gastroenteritis as number of infectious diseases can be spread by contaminated hands and food, particularly gastrointestinal infections,” he said.

He stressed and appealed general public to wash fruits/ vegetables thoroughly before consuming and store properly to avoid serious health problems.


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