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Marred by the lobbyism and factionalis,  state Congress has been taken by surprise as four of its senior members have decided to switch their loyalty and Join the principal opposition of the state, Peoples Democratic Party.

Reliable Sources in the Congress told KNS, that Abdul Majeed Paddar, Shiekh Ishfaq and Haji Abdur Rashid Dar have decided to part ways and break the affiliation with the party. Padder is believed to join PDP formally on Friday whereas the other three are expected to follow suit in next couple of days.

“Padder would visit Mufti Muhammad Syed’s Gupkar residence along with his supporters on Friday morning  and formally join the PDP”, sources told KNS. They said, Hajji Rashid and Ishfaq Jabbar have in principle agreed to join PDP and the formal announcement was expected in the coming days.



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