Failure of MPs in Utilizing Funds Shocking: NC

KL Report


National Conference Thursday said that reports that have revealed that the newly-elected Members of Parliament from J&K had failed to utilize a single paisa of their MP Local Area Development (MPLAD) Funds indicated a complete failure of PDP and BJP MPs in dispensing their basic duties, a party sttement said.

NC Spokesperson said this was a major indictment of both PDP and BJP and that the Members of Parliament from both parties owed an answer if not an apology to the people of the State.

“Seven months have elapsed since these MPs were elected to the Parliament. Yet the Members of Parliament from PDP and BJP have chosen not to use one paisa out of the 15 crores released to them as the first installment of the MPLAD funds. The MPs could have utilized these funds for a number of pressing public issues in the State but sadly they have chosen to make the people suffer while they watch and derive sadistic pleasure. This is unacceptable and highly unfortunate”, NC Spokesperson said.

He rued the missed opportunity viz-a-viz how the PDP MPs could have utilized these precious funds in coming to the help of the flood-victims in Kashmir Province and said that this apathy towards the flood-victims was criminal. “There are three MPs that PDP has from the Kashmir Valley. Each MP has been given 2.5 crores as the first installment as their MPLAD funds. That’s a total of 7.5 crores that could have been used to provide succor and relief to the flood-victims. Yet the only contribution of PDP MPs towards the flood-victims was first foisting an election on them when they required rehabilitation and relief and then following up with mere, rhetorical press statements. The crying shame is that these PDP MPs couldn’t even have it in them to use their MPLAD Funds to contribute in procuring medical equipment for our hospitals in the aftermath of the floods”, Junaid Mattu said while lashing out at PDP.

“Similarly there were various public issues that could have been focused on by the BJP Members of Parliament in Jammu Province. The first installment of the MPLAD Funds could have been utilized to alleviate the sufferings of the displaced people along the International Border, in ensuring the relief and rehabilitation of flash flood-victims and in giving a fillip to development works. This callous behavior of BJP MPs in J&K contradicts BJP’s posturing on development. Seven months is a long time to prove your intentions and to put your money where your mouth is and sadly the people have been left disenchanted”, the NC Spokesperson further added.


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