Fake Drugs Sinister Design To Kill People In Valley : Jammat

KL Report


Supply of spurious and fake drugs to the people in valley seems to be part of the sinister design to kill people of the valley.

This racket of fake drugs is a blatant violation of the most precious right of life and those involved in this racket are the enemies of the entire humanity who deserve the harshest punishment but it is a known fact that the govt. is least bothered about the life, honor and sentiments of the people here which is also proved by the indifferent attitude shown by it in this matter of very grave concern. The authorities involved in this scandal instead of being put to trial are defended by the state machinery and the govt. is playing a role of a mute spectator. This racket might have badly affected the health of lakhs of people directly or indirectly.

Jama’at-e-Islami demands a high level impartial probe into this┬áinhuman racket and bringing all the culprits involved in it to book.

Some prominent doctors from the valley should be included in the investigation team so as to give it credibility.


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