Family Of Slain Youth Seeks Justice

KL Report


Family of slain youth Sohail Nabi Sofi of Doabgah are still in shock and have urged Chief Minister to intervene personally to deliver justice to a poor family.

“Why was our brother killed? He was innocent and had no affiliation with any political party or any other association. We urge CM to deliver justice”, said Rifat Nabi, an elder sister of Sofi. She said that her family is living in two rooms, adding,

“Our father is a laborer and mother is ailing. Our younger brother was a hope for our future to support family and that was snatched”, Nabi told KNS.

She said that her parents after hearing the news about death of Sohail are still in shock. “What kind of justice is this, a poor parents alone hope was snatched”, she shouted.

She appealed CM to intervene personally to deliver justice to the poor family.


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