Farooq Abdullah’s words remind of Mehbooba Mufti in opposition: Qazi Yasir

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Qazi Yasir
Qazi Yasir

The Chairperson of Ummat-e-Islami Jammu Kashmir Qazi Ahmed Yasir, Wednesday while strongly reacting to the statement of National Conference patron Farooq Abdullah’s said that his political stand changes like seasons of Kashmir and he is not able to cope with the fact that his political career is over now.

In a statement issued here, Yasir said that one day Farooq Abdullah wants to show his support to “pro-freedom” leaderships and next day he is more loyal to king only to be in the good books of India for political gains.

Citing an interview of Abdullah, Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said that in 2011, Abdullah said, “I don’t know what Hurriyat stands for. Every day they make changes in their stand. Some of them also have links with intelligence agencies of India. They are fed by them as well.”

“Today he is claiming to be the well wisher of Hurriyat by telling them to go take ahead the movement and we will support you,” he said.

“I must remind him it was his father who brokered a deal with India and forced us to live in this bloodshed and got hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris killed by the troops brought here by his father. Farooq Abdullah is responsible for creating Ikhwan and then turning them into STF. It was his policy to catch and kill Kashmiris. I wonder how he sleeps at night after living with what his political party has done to Kashmir.”

Yasir said that Abdullah must not be mistaken that such overtures and theatrics of trying to be pro-Kashmiris will wash off the blood of innocents on his hands.

“There is no difference between the PDP, NC, Congress or BJP – they are all same to us, the freedom loving masses of Kashmir,” he said. The very existence of these parties legitimizes the forced occupation which is the real problem of Kashmir. What Farooq Abdullah is saying today were once the lyrics of Mehbooba Mufti till she came into power and did completely opposite by aligning with the BJP. Once Abdullah will come in power, he will do another theatrical performance and claim Kashmir’s solution is to be with India. He should not be taken seriously anymore as his political days are over, it is end of his political career and he is not able to cope with that fact, so his words are as hollow as the promises of his masters in India.”


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