Farooq and Omar tarnishing image of Kashmiris: Baig

KL Report


The senior Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and former deputy Chief Minister, Muzzafar Hussain Baig has said the coming Lok Sabha elections would provide an opportunity to the people of Kashmir to send such representatives to the parliament, who would provide voice to the problems and concerns in the highest democratic forum of the country.

Addressing a one day convention of party workers from Handwara assembly constituency, Baig said, “A vote for PDP would be a vote for change as it is the only party that has ever been able to make a difference in the life of people.” He said, “NC, which as a result of its conspiracies against the people of Kashmir, sell-outs  and U-turns is reduced to a rump, is now a mere group of power seekers and they have shown their worst face in the parliament as they never raised their voice in support of the people, who voted for them.”

Baig, who is PDP’s parliamentary candidate for Baramulla constituency, said that NC leader, Farooq Abdullah presented a one point formula to the Kashmir problem by recommending the bombing of Pakistan least realising it could never be done without the annihilation of Jammu & Kashmir and major parts of our own country.

Baig said that of late, Farooq and his chief minister son have launched a tirade against the people of Kashmir who have offered sacrifices over generations at the call of NC. “While Omar tarnished the image of entire Kashmiris by calling them stone-pelters, drug addicts, enemy agents and terrorists,  Farooq Abdullah, as the so-called ambassador of Kashmir, recently called all of us Maha Chors,” Baig said and added “it is a different matter that people of the state know very well who the biggest thief is.”

He said PDP is fighting elections for the Lok Sabah with all seriousness, which can be gauged from the fact that NC was forced to concede half of the state to its alliance partner even though it is never tired of claiming to be the sole representatives of the entire J&K.

He said at the end of its rule NC is now projecting alliance with the Congress as its only achievement, but PDP believes it is the people of the state who will decide about their future and will judge every party on the basis of their performance and credibility of the leadership. “NC after surrendering states authority, its resources and dignity has now surrendered even its own political space just to survive somehow or the other on the scenario of the state,” Baig said.


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