Fashionable success

He is a top notch fashion designer who has made a mark in the highly competetive world of fashion. Born and brought up in Kashmir, Zubair feels highly inspired by his homeland. His label launched in 2005 is named the Bounipun.
“I was interested in painting and creative things from beginning,” said Zubair Kirmani. “I had labelled a T Shirt as Bounipun when I was in class seven.”
Though his parents wanted him to be a doctor like his brothers, he chose engineering.
“After one year of engineering, I met with an accident at Bangalore,” said Zubair. “It gave me enough time for introspection and I decided to quit engineering, much to the opposition of my parents.”
Ultimately he had his way and enrolled for a fashion designing course, but left it midway, because he did not find it “up to the mark.”
Later, he started working with some of the best designers, and steadily rose with hard work.
“I had my first solo show when I was selected for 2008 Wills India fashion week,” says the Biscoe pass out. “Prior to that I had been doing small projects but it was a big boost and I got noticed at national as well as international level.”
Since 2008, Kirmani is a regular at fashion weeks. Kirmani clientele includes the likes of A R Rehman and Kailash Kher and his clothes are displayed by some of the top models of India.
Kirmani considers his conservative background and social arena as influencers in his work.
“I am against designing fabrics, which are not wearable,” says Kirmani. “I have succeeded in my approach and today people can identify my works from distance.”
The brand fuses together both contemporary minimalism and classic heritage from his roots. Its forte lies in sophisticated women’s western line and men’s fashion formals. Kirmani says Kashmiris can make it big in fashion industry. He gets calls and messages from boys and girls from Kashmir who want to emulate his success.
“I tell them that it is not just glamorous but extremely hard working arena sometimes needing 12 hours of work everyday.” Kirmani is all set to open a studio in Kashmir in the next few weeks. “This project is at my heart and I want to bridge the gap between our brilliant handicrafts and fashion world,” says Kirmani.


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