FastBeetle Opens Excess Baggage Kiosk At Jammu Airport

SRINAGAR: J&K-based logistics company, FastBeetle, with hubs in different regions of Jammu and Kashmir, has opened an excess baggage counter at the Jammu Airport.

FastBeetle Opens Excess Baggage Kiosk At Jammu Airport

To celebrate the new benchmark in the extension of Fastbeetle, Sanjeev Kumar Garg, Director of Jammu Airport, the chief guest, inaugurated the first of its kind Jammu and Kashmir’s Excess Baggage Counter. Other senior members of the airport authority, including Commerical Incharge Shyam Sunder Patil and CSO Gautam Meena were also present.

The counter was inaugurated by Fastbeetle’s senior staff Sunny Gupta and other team members.

They will cater to the needs of travelers and make it easy and affordable for them. With this service, travelers can now carry as much luggage as they want and get it delivered for the lowest prices at their counter. They deliver across India and internationally.

There are special offers for CISF, CRPF, and Army staff who want to use Mover and Packers and other services.

While inaugurating the counter, the Head of operations and Strategies of the company, Sunny Gupta said, “This embarks a new step which will be crucial in bringing us closer to the outside world. We want to connect Jammu to the world by all means possible”.

Sheikh Samiullah, the Co-founder added, “With the boom in tourism and increased travel activities we want to cater to the needs of travelers and make it easy and affordable for them”

“When we started in Srinagar, we were a team of 2 members operating from a single hub, now we are operating around 100 team members across different districts of Jammu and Kashmir. This offering will open the world to us as well as set an example for youth to create such platforms”, Abid said.

The young founders seem to be on an active lookout for opportunities for their people in the journey of their empowerment and are set to cover other regions including the country’s capital soon.


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