Fear Of Death Compels Kashmiri Students To Leave Haryana; Narrates Pain And Agony

Asif Iqbal Naik


A day after score of students hailing from different parts of the Jammu and Kashmir perusing engineering from Global Research Institute for Management and Technology (GRIMT), Tehsil Radhore District Yamna Nagar Haryana were attacked by the ‘goons’ resulting in  injuries to over two dozen students, nearly 60 students Sunday vacated the college and came back to Jammu via train after they feared fresh assault from attackers who are still at large.

While talking to Kashmir life over phone from Ambala, the victim students said that they were in state of shock and have decided to leave the college fearing threat to their life. They added that the  majority of the students who were injured in yesterdays attack also accompanied them.

Narrating the horrific tail, the students informed that the minor issue of indiscipline was given a communal touch by the people having full backing of BJP and RSS. They said that with the intervention of other students present in the hostel mess, the matter was brought under control, but added that with the intervention of outsiders, the situation was communalised. They said that the goons arrived at the scene on motor cycles and beat them mercilessly.

“One of the goon brought his revolver out and hit one student with it on head—later the same person brandishes it, threatening them and
chased them outside college several miles in which several of our friends were injured” said a traumatized student.

He said that the police and college authorities did nothing and instead forced them to compromise. He said that though local DIG, DC, SP and other officials reached the spot, but they all seem “reluctant in taking the action against these goons who are considered as close to BJP and RSS
leadership and enjoyed their full backing.”

The students said that senior police officials as a matter of lip service offered security to them at hostel, but added that the nature of threat was reasonably high and they felt that they are not safe outside the hostel premises and decided to return home.

They said that no one was arrested till they left the college and demanded immediate arrest of the culprits involved in this heinous act.

The students upon the Chief Minister of Haryana to order high level probe and arrest the culprits who tried to give communal color to minor incident. They also denied the allegation of raising any anti national slogan and have raised question over the silence of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah.

They said that they are not sure if they will be allowed to continue their further studies and demanded admission in local state college. “Police have though registered an FIR under media pressure, but no arrest has been made so far,” said the student.

As reported by Kashmir life, the episode took at around 1 PM on Saturday when the students were lined up for lunch and few outsiders entered into the mess and brawl started as they disturbed thus escalating the problem. As reported a “local Sarpanch along with the goons ruthlessly attcaked students  forcing many of them  to take shelter in nearby police station.”


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