Feeling Pain


Every time Israel launches an offensive on helpless Palestinians, Kashmiris feels the pain. Since last week’s aerial bombing of civilian areas in Gaza there were spontaneous protests witnessed across Kashmir. The part of the brewing anger against Israel’s aggression in Gaza is directed on local authorities who responded with full might. In the ensuing ding-dong battles between government forces and protestors scores of youngsters were injured, jailed, and hunted.

There seems to be no end to the woes of Kashmiris who seem overwhelmed by the images of gore coming out of Gaza. On one side people are pained by the happenings in Gaza; the nocturnal raids, and iron fisted response by the state, makes situation worse.

Kashmiris have traditionally identified with pain felt across the Islamic world especially that in Palestine.  The volume of protests that swept across Kashmir, bringing everyone on the streets including students, forced authorities to declare summer vacations.

But if that anger is managed and spent in the right direction then we can surely help in easing the pain of the Gazans. It is good to show solidarity with the Palestinians who are under fire from Israel, but if we can act a bit smart and in an organised manner, then we in real sense can be sensitive towards their pain.

In such testing times, why cannot we as a society, raise funds for the reconstruction and rehabilitations of those in distress.

There are people who are doing much more than just showing solidarity with the Palestinians. They collect aid material that is then sent to those who are in need.

It is painful that during the holy month of Ramadan Muslims living in fortified Gaza are killed randomly without any hue and cry from the Islamic world.

It was interesting when our lawmakers echoed concern for the people of Gaza. It would have been more interesting and generous on their part if these lawmakers would have shown the same level of concern for their own people who are living equally painful lives. These lawmakers fail to raise their voices when their own people are suffering or caged by the state they are part of.

The most striking protest was by ruling NC workers who knocked at the UNMOGIP’s door seeking its intervention in ending the atrocities on civilians in Gaza. They were told that UNMOGIP’s mandate is Kashmir and not Palestine. But it seems that ruling NC’s mandate is Palestine and not Kashmir.

Being sensitive towards atrocities on Palestinians is a sign of generosity, but what would one call when the same people are insensitive towards atrocities on their own people!


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