Fire engulfs Chinar Bagh; Several houses turned into ashes

Half a dozen fire tenders were at work to extinguish the flames that erupted from one of the houses opposite the shrine of Faqeer Mohammad Abdullah Sheikh at Chinar Bagh locality on the banks of a waterway near Dalgate Srinagar. The fire that started at around 11:30 AM damaged as per the initial reports at least six structures.

The police and fire service officials are yet to quantify the extent of damage.

There was chaos all around. The effect of unbearable loss created, distressed some women waling and their shrieks pierced through the sound of splashes of water sprayed from fire tenders.  The others were trying to console them. Their wails pleaded God to help them.

As the fire fighters battled with the flames, the boys of the locality were helping in removing the wares to safety in the Chinar Bagh across the stream.  Heaps of drenched blankets, clothes, and matting were lying out in open by the road side. The LPG cylinders were thrown into the stream. They were trying to save the neighbouring houses as well.

Eye witnesses said the fire ripped through the buildings quickly. “In a span of 5 minutes it seemed like the whole locality has been engulfed in fire.” One person Shabir Ahmad who is resident of locality said.

“The fire has been almost contained now but fire fighters are still on the spot to extinguish the last embers,” an employee working of fore service department who accompanied the fire fighters told Kashmir Life at the time of filing of this report.


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