First ever advanced glaucoma surgery performed in Ganderbal hospital


In a major step to provide advanced healthcare services for Glaucoma patients, the Ophthalmic Unit of District Hospital Ganderbal performed a new advanced technique for trabeculectomy known as “Releasable Suture Trabeculectomy”.

The spokesman said this is an advanced technique as compared to the conventional trabeculectomy and results are much better. Moreover, Intraocular Pressure (IOP) can be titrated as per the patient’s response. The operative team included Dr Rayees (Ophthalmologist, Fellow Glaucoma AIIMS, New Delhi), Dr Jibreel (Consultant Opthomologist), Dr Syed Heena and Mr Ashiq (OT staff).

This is for the first time that such advanced technique was introduced in peripheral hospitals of Kashmir which will benefit the patients suffering from Glaucoma.

Director Health Services, Kashmir Dr Saleem ur Rehman has complimented the operative team and the hospital administrator.


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