‘For BOSE luck matters not hard work’

KL Report


The students of class 12 who are appearing in their annual exams blamed  Board of School Education authorities for playing with their careers. Scores of students were seen crying and fuming while coming out from examination centres on Wednesday. The students termed the X and Z series of Physics paper extremely tough in comparison with series Y.

“This is injustice towards the students. BOSE has added a ‘luck factor’ to this examination. Some students get easy series while some get knotty one. Just compare series X and Y and Z and you will see the difference,” a student told CNS outside Nawakadal College.

Demanding an inquiry into the paper setting exercise, the students asked Board of School Education (BOSE) to remain impartial with every student. “X and Z series of Physics paper was very tough than Y series. All the students who got X and Z series paper couldn’t do well in their paper whereas students of other series easily completed their paper,” the students said adding that they are afraid that they will either not qualify or their percentage will be low.

Pertinently, students had also complained earlier that “X series of chemistry paper was very tough than Y and Z series.

When contacted secretary BOSE Veena Pandita said that she would constitute an expert panel to probe the matter. “I request these students to give me a representation and I assure them appropriate remedial measures will be taken,” she said.


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