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KCDCS members addressing a press conference in Srinagar.
KCDCS members addressing a press conference in Srinagar.

The Kashmir Civil Society group, Kashmir Centre for Social & Developmental Studies (KCSDS), Friday alleged that the Union government is extending a central act to state of Jammu and Kashmir, illegally. However, it maintained, “the stoic silence of CM Mufti Muhammad Sayeed is unwanted.”

Addressing a press conference here, KCSDS chairperson Prof Hameedah Nayeem said, “the latest discourse that has been floated is the settlement of retired army personnel in our state by allotting them land and bestowing other economic benefits as a reward for serving Kashmiris for the past 25 years.”

“Another reports proposal of New Delhi to amend Central Statistics Act 2008 to bring the state of Jammu and Kashmir within its ambit is illegal and deplorable,” Prof Hameedah said. “The issue of settlement of former army personnel and granting them economic packages too is a disastrous move.”

Referring to recently announced new eight road projects in J&K by Government of India (GoI), Prof Hameedah said, “the GoI announced road projects are harmful to our pristine nature; our forests cover is under threat.” She also claimed that although the projects have been announced, no permission or ‘No Objection Certificate’ has been asked from the forest department of our own state.

“The silence of PDP in such things is deplorable and it tantamount to partnering in loot and plunder of our resources,” she alleged. “Since PDP-BJP government assumed in J&K, the communal, fascist and divisive forces have become bolder and louder and have launched a multi-pronged assault on the special status of our state.” The KCSDS chairperson alleged, “these are starting steps to change the Muslim majority status of J&K.”

Taking a dig at PDP led government, Prof Hameedah said, “providing succour to flood victims of 2014 is a far cry even after passing of one year.”

The KCSDS detailed, what it said, “illegal and unconstitutional actions demanded by communal forces on which the government has not made its position clear”—the issue of PRCs being issued in schools against norms; construction of exclusive townships for Kashmir Pandits; settlement of West Pakistani refugees; challenging Article 35 (A) of Indian constitution; eviction of Jammu Muslims and appointment and placement of communal officers.

Noted columnist and Chartered Accountant, Abdul Majid Zargar, while briefing about the expansion of Central Collection of statistics Act 2008 to state of Jammu and Kashmir said, “If this happens, the J&K state’s own Collection of Statistics Act 2010 will cease to exist. The GoI shall be holding and profiling Kashmiris and we shall not be able to know what for and how we are being counted.”

“The GoI wants to bereft J&K government of its powers on subjects mentioned in Union List,” he said adding, “matters related to Defence, Communication and Foreign Affairs.”

“If tomorrow, we need any information related to border areas, we shall not able to get it as it shall fall under the purview of central Statistics Act 2008,” he said adding, “the voices which are being raised over settlement of retired army personnel in valley is a point in that direction. For extension of any union law, it needs sanction of state legislature, but the state government is maintaining stoic silence on such an important issue.”


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