Former Hurriyat leader files nomination papers from Baramulla

KL Report


Former separatist leader Agha Abdul Hussain has filed nomination papers to contest Lok Sabha elections from Baramulla constituency. 

Talking to KNS, Hussain said that he wants to contest the elections to fight ‘cultural aggression’ in Kashmir. “The authorities have been denying me permission to work against the cultural aggression in Kashmir so I thought to adopt a democratic way to fight this menace.”

He said that he wants to know who is behind the wedge being created between different sects of Islam in Jammu and Kashmir. “Shias are now allowed to hold their meetings in Sunni areas. Similarly Sunnis are barred to hold their meetings in Shia areas. I want to know who is behind this wedge between the two sects of the same religion. I want to go deep behind this conspiracy by contesting elections,” he added.

Hussain said that it was his conviction right from day one joining his separatist politics that there are some goals which can be achieved only through democratic process. “Election boycott is far from a pragmatic approach as people can achieve nothing by boycotting polls,” he added. He said that Hurriyat Conference should field their candidates in elections just like Palestinian people. “Contesting elections does not mean that Palestinian people have acceded to Israel,” he added.

He clarified that he has quit Hurriyat politics 12 years ago and had resigned from Anjuman-e-Sharia-Shian five years ago.


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