Four more PDP leaders resign from party


A day after PDP expelled nine senior leaders from the party, four leaders resigned from the basic membership of the party on Friday, the resigned member are  Former MLA Rafiabad, Yawer Mir,  PDP state secretary Dr Mir Sammiullah and Muntazir Mohiuddin, has tendered resignation from his basic membership of the party.

In a statement, Dr Sammiullah has said: “I tender resignation from the basic membership of PDP because the party has failed to rise up to the needs and expectations of masses.”

“The Party (PDP) has been in complete disarray since last two years and with such disharmony and confusion within party lines, it is impossible for a party to represent common masses,” he said.

“The hopes with which I had joined the party are completely shattered and I find no reason to continue being in this party. I will continue to serve common masses of Pulwama and the whole state in all the ways I can,” he added.

Syed Showket Gayoor in a statement confirmed his resignation from the PDP.

“The recent events of the expulsion of senior party leaders from the party have brought to the fore the central issue of neglect of the grass-root workers in favour of armchair leaders,” he said in a statement.

The statement added that “ All of us are aware the party is going through a difficult phase, therefore, it becomes imperative to strengthen the hands of our party workers, who face the ground realities but the impression created among the workers is that the leadership shows concern but doesn’t deliver up to their expectations and the affairs are being run by shadow leaders who take arbitrary decisions such as expulsion of senior party leaders. All of it collectively resulted in disappointing the cadre. I hereby tender my resignation with immediate effect,” he said.

Meanwhile, PDP leader Rafi Ahmed Mir said that party president is in jail and some people who have no existence in the party are issuing our expulsion notice (KNS).


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