FPWA Lambastes Football Development Forum



Mehrajuddin Wadoo
Mehrajuddin Wadoo

Renowned Footballer and President Football Players Welfare Association (FPWA) Mehraj Ud Din Wadoo Thursday congratulated J&K Bank Football Team for lifting the All India Gold Cup in Bihar with a spectacular unbeaten campaign throughout the whole tournament emerging victorious against some of the known teams in Indian football.

Congratulating the team Mehraj said, “it is a fantastic win for J&K Bank which not only is the powerhouse of football in the state but also is proving its metal outside state by lifting All India tournaments that too with only state based players as i have come to know the team has restricted the entry of foreign and outside state players which has provided ample opportunities for state local players and in generating employments for the state talented youth. I wish them all the best for future endeavours.”

Taking a strong note about the press release issued by Football Development Forum, he said, “any forum which is active is to be there to support and encourage the positives but not to point out negatives and discouragements. People who are at the helm of the affairs are there to take care of wrong doings and we should leave that part on them. If you are not in a position to help then at least don’t try to pull people down who are trying to climb up.”

“FPWA has shown its concerns in wake of recent events at a time when football in the state is going in the positive direction after such a long time and progress is being made in its upliftment and development, a self-proclaimed football developmental form with no concrete background has been continuously issuing negative and derogatory statements criticizing every positive step that is taken in the state for football upliftment,” a statement issued by FPWA said.

Speaking on this grim issue FPWA General Secretary and former International Player Dr Zahoor Haroon said, “I don’t understand how such so-called forum is entertained by media who has absolutely no credibility whatsoever. I don’t know who these people are on what background they issue such statements as we haven’t seen them doing anything in realistic terms except of publishing baseless statements. I appeal to all media personnel to not entertain such un-ethical people who out of clear frustration are trying to ruin the image of football in our state. J&K Bank have provided employment to more than 200 players so far which has no parallel and their Management is qualified enough to resolve these small registrations issues with JKFA.”

Sports Fraternity Dalgate, Chanapora Sports Fraternity and various Sports Bodies have also raised their concerns and said, “such people have a tendency to spread false rumours and they try to gain publicity. We have been long associated with football and we haven’t seen any such forum come into grounds for the promotion of football or take any concrete step for football promotion or provide us any help in development of the sport.”

International Football Coach Sajid Dar said, “I am amazed how such people with no credentials are given importance by the media as the only real development association for football in our state is the J&K Football Association (JKFA) which is the sole football promoting body in our state and we are working under its guidelines.”


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