‘Freedom Movement’ biggest factor for election boycott, says NC’s Beg

KL Report


National Conference candidate for the IslamabadParliament seat Dr Mehboob Beg Thursday said that majority of the people boycotted the polls in South Kashmir because they are associated with the ongoing ‘Freedom Movement’ led by Hurriyat Conference.

“Whether you like it or not but it is a fact that ‘Freedom Movement’ is going on. Separatists had called for poll boycott and most of the people responded to it,” Beg told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS adding that the recent political killings also made the boycott call successful.

He said that militant outfit Hizbul Mujhadeen recently killed three civilian which also became one of the factors of boycott. “Everyone loves his life and nobody want to put his life in danger. There was threat and there is gun. People did not vote in large numbers because of fear psychosis,” he said adding that his party has no control over Hurriyat and Hizb.

Mehboob Beg castigated PDP for blaimg his party that it instigated people to boycott the polls. “If PDP thinks that NC has control over Hurriyat and Hizb then it is insulting both these parties,” Beigh said adding that at some places there was large voter turnout.


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