Fresh snowfall hits air traffic in Kashmir


Air traffic was hit at Srinagar airport on Wednesday due to poor visibility following fresh snowfall.

Representational Picture

Reports said that several flights were suspended due to poor visibility.

An official said that due to heavily snowing and poor visibility over Srinagar airfield the following flights are cancelled.

“G8198/129 del Sxr del, G8 213 ixj Sxr ixj, G8 697 del Sxr del, G8 912 Sxr ixc, 6E 2554 Sxr del, 6E 576 Sxr LKO, 6E 653 Sxr ixj, SG 160/161 ixj Sxr ixj, SG 104/939 DEL SXR DEL

,UK 611 SXR IXJ, I5 716 SXR DEL, I5 713 SXR DEL, 9W 638 Sxr del, SG 739 Sxr, SG 963 Sxr ixj.”

Meanwhile, the weatherman has predicted rains and snow in the valley during the next 48 hours.


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