Funds for Kashmiri Flood Victims used for Black Topping Jammu: Shakeel Qalandar



A day after Government of India reportedly sanctioned another AIIMS for Jammu in the wake of protests there, renowned Industrialist and social activist Shakeel Qalandar Friday said that from last six decades every dispensation in New Delhi showed keenness to develop two districts of Jammu at the cost of Kashmir, Chenab Valley and Pirpanjal region.

He said discrimination with Kashmir Valley is going on unabated since 1947 and there is not an iota of doubt in this fact that Government of India seeks pleasure in rendering us in a state of apathy.

“It is the testing time for the local state government. We have to see whether our Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed is going to protect the interests of people residing in Kashmir and Chenab Valley or he will allow two districts of Jammu to get lions share against the 20 other districts of the State of Jammu and Kashmir,” Shakeel Qalandar told CNS adding that if this is the yardstick that anything that should go to Kashmir, should go to Jammu as well, then Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) should also be established in Kashmir Valley.

He said that every year funds allocated for the development in Kashmir Valley are being diverted to Jammu.

“It is bizarre that fresh macadamization of roads in Jammu is taking place at present on war footing. This black topping in Jammu is going on with the funds that State Government have received post floods. The irony is that tragedy befell upon the people of Kashmir during devastating floods while the funds meant for the flood victims are being used for the development of Jammu. Same will happen to funds that will come from the World Bank,” he said.

He added that Kashmiri people have not only been facing discrimination in every sphere of life but the Government of India through different ways and means tried and has been trying its best to make Kashmiri people dependent.

“We were self-sufficient in every sphere but today we are not. We people used to export one-third of our production but due to vile policies of India, Kashmiri people now import every article from other states of India. The successive governments in India have destroyed our export industry. All efforts are being made to deprive us from all the facilities so that we beg before others,” he said.

Shakeel Qalandar said that once AIIMS gets sanctioned for Jammu, the order will be immediately implemented in letter and spirit.

“The picture in Kashmir is different. I don’t think the sanction order of AIIMS for Kashmir will be implemented. Six years back, a Central University was granted to Kashmir but the government is still in process of finding land for that University. It is reality and we must all accept it that the two districts of Jammu were and will be always on priority list of every government in New Delhi and Kashmir will always suffer as it has been suffering since 1947,” Qalandar said adding two districts of Jammu are dearer to India.

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