G A Mir sought peoples support to defeat opportunist parties, designs of BJP RSS


The Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) organized a mega road show in Anantnag on Saturday seeking people’s support to defeat the opportunist political parties and their designs.

The road show led by J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President and Party Candidate G A Mir started from Khanabal and passed through several areas in the district, appealing people of South Kashmir to ensure victory of Congress Party with a thumping Majority, like that, the Congress party alone can defeat the divisive politics by BJP RSS.

On this occasion, G A Mir told the people that ensuing Parliamentary elections was an opportunity for them to defeat the political exploitation on the part of PDP in Kashmir and BJP in Jammu.

PDP was fully  responsible for the loss of  innocent lives and damages caused to properties due to its complete sell out  for the sake of coming into power, it was the PDP which ensured inroads to BJP RSS in Kashmir valley and surrendered it’s so-called agenda by betraying people after securing votes from them, G A Mir said.

“People were misled, betrayed and were made to vote in favour of PDP on the slogan of safeguarding Art 370 and other resources in the State, but this Party (PDP) for the sake of coming into power aligned with BJP as a result, people were disappointed,” he said.

“PDP aligned with the BJP which has always adopted anti 370 Stand and  has been fighting elections since the day one on this sensitive issue, but the power-hungry PDP ensured their entry in power corridors of the State, resulting in the Art 370 & 35A of Constitution of India was under threat, as the BJP RSS were hell bent upon to scarp the law for electoral gains,” Mir said.

He said Congress Party will defeat the designs of BJP RSS, will not allow them to play with the emotions of people, Mir added and urged the people of South Kashmir to respond to PDP’s betrayal by defeating them in the elections.

He also told the people that their vote will go long way in ensuing protection to special status, besides the safety and security of the people.

Among others who participated in roadshow included Bashir Ahmad Magrey, Hilal Ahmad Shah, Shaheena Nadaf, Sheikh Mehboob Ul Muryam, Zaffar Salati, PCC, DCC Members, Block Presidents and others.


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