G A Mir urges forces to exercise restraint in Shopian district


The Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President G A Mir has expressed anguish over the prevailing situation in district Shopian in the backdrop of the gunfight at Adkhara village in District, emphasizing the Forces to exercise maximum restraint while dealing with the law and order problem.

Mir also appealed the people especially Youth to maintain peace.

In a Statement Mir expressed serious concern over the extremely volatile situation prevailing in Shopian district in the backdrop of the gunfight leading to the injuries to scores and urged upon the forces to exercise restraint while dealing with the law and order situation, as that, the civilian casualties has the potential to vitiate the atmosphere to the largest extent, which was certainly going to be a major setback to peace and tranquillity in South Kashmir.

Mir said efforts must be made to restore calm in the district rather than spraying pellets and bullets over civilians, but at the same time, he appealed the people especially youth to maintain peace and not to confront forces as that will create more problems in the district, he added and reiterated his appeal to people to maintain peace.


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