Gaw Kadal Gate Opened to Control Overflowing Dal

KL Report


Early Sunday morning the Gaw Kadal gate of Dal Lake, which is believed to be biggest exit point has been thrown open to control over flowing Lake. It was opened at around 9am.

The level of water in Dal had reached around 13 ft, submerging sections of Boulevard road and various localities around the lake.

The decision was taken on Sunday morning as the water levels in Jhelum showed a decreasing trend. But the people living in the interiors of Lake are crying official apathy.

A resident, Ghulam Rasool Akhoon told Kashmir Life on phone, “From last three days we were crying the increasing water will enter our homes. But they, officers, didn’t pay any heed. Now when the same water submerged the University of Kashmir, they are now trying hard to decrease its levels.”

He said the Dal water was overflowing, 3.15 feets more than the danger mark, which has already entered into the dry patch of land in the interiors of Lake.


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