Geelani asks Arun Jaitly to go through pages of history

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Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani Thursday said that ‘stubbornness’ of India is main hurdle in resolution of Kashmir dispute.

While reacting to the statement of BJP leader and Finance Minister Arun Jaitly, Geelani in a statement to KNSadvised him to go through pages of history. “Indian leaders had promised to resolve Kashmir issue according to their aspirations. However, on ground the situation has not changed. He (Jaitley) is distorting the historical facts about Kashmir issue.”

While referring to statement made by Jaitly he said, “Jammu and Kashmir was never a part of India and the misleading statements can never alter or change the hard reality about Kashmir issue. Jaitly needs to revisit history. Indian leaders had promised to resolve this issue under the supervision of International community and according to the aspirations of people of state. Implementation of UN resolutions is imperative for Kashmir resolution but it is the stubborn approach of India that is creating hurdles for its implementation.”

“India, Pakistan and member countries of UNO are signatories to these resolutions and India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawahir Lal Nehru himself took the Kashmir issue to the United Nations and promised that when situation will become viable in Kashmir, they would hold plebiscite and give Kashmiris choice to remain with India or Pakistan,” the Hurriyat (G) chairman said. “The instrument of accession with India is disputed and not valid. However, the reality is that in August and September 1947, Indian troops forcibly entered into Kashmir. It was India which took Kashmir issue to UN and passed resolutions on it.”

While referring to India’s ‘arrogance and occupation’, Geelani said, “The issue related to Jammu Kashmir cannot be resolved through might and only viable and solution lies in the resolutions passed in United Nations. Implementation of UN resolutions is imperative for Kashmir resolution and all parties are bound to accept the verdict of people.”

“It is fundamental right of people of Jammu and Kashmir to decide about their political future and it is their discretion whether majority vote will opt for Pakistan or like to be part of India and no party need to create hurdles and let people decide their fate,” he said.

Geelani said, “We on behalf of  every individual including Hindu, Sikh, Buddhists, Christians from both parts of disputed territory, demand our right for self-determination and all citizens  are entitled to exercise their franchise and express their wish and will. It is the unmoved approach which led to three wars between India and Pakistan.”

Geelani and the only way to guarantee world peace is that United Nations starts delivering on its promises and resolutions which they have made to people during the times of crisis.

Referring to the statement of Jaitly, wherein he had said that terrorism and military might cannot resolve this issue, Geelani said, “It is the eight lakh forces and thousands of village defense committees that have unleashed terror in  strife torn state and we categorically say that it is India that with its arrogance of power has suppressed the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Let India stop its highhandedness and start parleys about resolution of this issue under the supervision of international community.”

“It is the only way to restore peace and stability in Jammu and Kashmir. Statement of Arun Jaitly is ridiculous,” said Geelani and added that sub-continent is at its flash point.

Rejecting the assertions of Jaitly about peoples participation in state elections, Geelani said, “These elections are not fair and are managed by forces. People of Jammu and Kashmir are inseparable part of freedom movement.”

Reiterating his call for election boycott, Geelani said, “Pro-Indian politicians with their deceit are deceiving innocent people and in his appeal to students communities, stressed to realize their duties and apprise people about the damaging effect of participations in elections.”

Meanwhile, Geelani extended his condolence to bereaved family of Peer Ghulam Ahmad Gulab on his demise and prayed for the departed soul.



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