Geelani addresses Greek conference telephonically

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Blaming the role played by the British rulers, Indian government and negligence of Kashmiri leadership at the time of partition as the basic reason of the Kashmir issue, Chairman, Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani appealed the European Union to play its role to help the people of Kashmir to solve the long pending Kashmir dispute.

According to a statement, in a telephonic address to the International Conference organized by Islamic Forum in Greek, Geelani said, “the Kashmiri People are not against India or its people, but we want them to fulfill those promises which were guaranteed to us by Indian Rulers in front of International Community to held plebiscite under the supervision of UNO.”

He said that the right to self determination is the birth right of every citizen and we are fighting for the same rights. While referring to the visit of European Union to Kashmir in 2004, Geelani said that after analyzing the situation in Kashmir the European Union described the Kashmir as “most beautiful prison in the world” in which people are deprived of their birth rights. The European Union delegation while endorsing the UN resolutions as the only solution to the Kashmir problem, they said that the right to self determination is the birth right of every person and nobody would be deprived of their rights.

While referring to the continuous and serious human rights violations in the state, Geelani said that there are more than 600 martyrs graveyards, ten thousand people have been disappeared in custody and the same no of people are buried in unmarked graves. In last 24 years one lack people have been killed by the Indian forces. Thanking the organizers of the conference for giving him a chance to express his views, Geelani in his 30 minute speech appealed the organizers that they should play a role in highlighting the sufferings of Kashmiri people to the outer world.  Pro-freedom leader said that, as I have been denied the travel documents and from last three years the state administration is not allowing me to move out of my house, so I appeal to the International Community and civilized world to monitor the situation in Kashmir and check the facts of Indian democracy.

Expressing his deep concern and pain over the incident of murder of a teenage girl Iqra Nisar of laribal Bijbihara, chairman Hurriyat (G) said that our society is heading towards the disaster on a very fast pace. While appealing to the ulma’s and religious scholars to highlight the moral values and run a campaign against these social evils to aware the people, Geelani said that if we remain silent on these issues and will not shun the differences and collectively work for it then we will definitely loose our vast cultural and Muslim identity. While lashing out at pro-Indian parties for their attitude towards the social evils Geelani said that even though the operation against the social evils are worked out by the state administration but in J&K the pro-Indian parties are only strengthening the military occupation of India.

Geelani said that on the one hand India and its agents are providing license to its forces to kill the innocent people and on the other hand they are sponsoring these social evils in a planed way to kill our freedom sentiments. He said that the state administration are provoking our younger generation to indulge in these social evils by providing them the facility of gardens where couples are provided police security and the presence of army and CRPF camps who provide easy access to the liquor and drugs. While appealing to the responsible people of the society, Geelani said that we should collectively work to eliminate these evils and immoral activities from our society.


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