Geelani appeals UNO, international community to take necessary steps for Kashmir issue



Syed Ali Geelani on Friday said they believe that UNO will take necessary steps in this regard and take measures to halt bloodshed and check growing excesses against unarmed and peaceful civilians in Kashmir.

While advising Delhi to see the writing on the wall, Syed Ali Geelani, rejected New Delhi’s response, saying it illustrates their haughty inhuman approach, a spokesman said.

Geelani said that while violating the norms laid in human rights charter, Indian authorities are trampling and violating human values, adding that all member countries should honour and respect the right to self-determination for all subjugated nations.

“We appeal international community and UNO to take impressive measures for the resolution of this long pending dispute, said Geelani.

Kashmir dispute has multiplied human tragedies, said he and added that because of this lingering issue, millions of people are facing immense hardships and a state of uncertainty and instability is looming over the whole South Asian region.

People in Jammu Kashmir don’t like any confrontation and are against war-like situations, said Geelani. I with a sincere heart want to convey that we are yearning for peace and seek a peaceful resolution to the long pending issue, said Geelani.

Since past 70 years, we are striving for our fundamental right, said he, saying that India instead of fulfilling its commitment, Indian authorities are resorting to brute approach and carrying massacres in the state. Six lakh souls were lost due to unending horrendous situations, tens of thousands were killed in forces custody and thousands are languishing in jails and detention centres, said Geelani.

Appealing human rights organizations, UNO, Asia watch, IHRC and the world community to take cognizance of this ‘lawlessness, human rights violations’ and continuous bloodshed, Geelani called for their cognizance in growing human rights violations and asked to ensure safety and dignity of 15 million people in the state.


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