Geelani appeals writers, civil society to aware masses about consequences of ‘abrogation’ of Article 35-A


Hurriyat Conference (g) chairperson Syed Ali Geelani on Wednesday said that New Delhi is hell bent to tamper with the Muslim majority character of Jammu and Kashmir.

Cautioning people against the “nefarious designs” of Delhi and its “henchmen” in state, Geelani said that people of JK won’t allow anyone to alter or interfere with the integrity and special status of the state and will safeguard it at all costs.

Geelani in a statement said that from day one, BJP regime is working to sabotage the referendum process in Jammu Kashmir and are hatching conspiracies to achieve desired results to influence the process of referendum.

Asking pro-Indian politicians to join pro-freedom ranks and play their role in resolving the long-pending issue, Geelani blamed New Delhi for playing follies.

Commenting over the proposed tinkering in article 35 A, Geelani said that it is a well thought out ploy to tamper with the special status of Muslim majority character of Jammu and Kashmir. “While carrying brutal bloodshed, authorities are creating Palestine like situation in the state,” Geelani added.

Lamenting at pro-Indian parties, Geelani said that their rhetoric about prevailing situation is just a political gimmick and added that they are responsible for tampering and fiddling with Article 370.

Criticizing RSS and their allies for their unholy nexus, Geelani said that however the move to abrogate this article is a pre-planned game and reports of leaving coalition is just, a mockery and political gimmick.

Appealing writers, scholars and respected members of society to aware masses about the consequences of proposed repealing of state subject law, Geelani appealed to make every possible effort to reach to international community about prevailing horrifying situation and disputed status of Jammu & Kashmir.


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