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Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani Tuesday expressed his deep concern over the incidents of stone pelting last night and intimidation of the local Muslim population in Chenab Valley.

“Miscreants involved in such incidents are known and there are no doubts that members of Village Defence Committees are involved in these incidents,” he said in a statement to KNS.

While demanding dissolution of VDCs Geelani appealed people in Jammu province to demonstrate and protest on Eid ul Fitr prayers against the highhandedness of members of these committees. He blamed VDC members for their mischievous behaviour and alleged that they were terrorizing the local Muslims and have created turmoil like situation in Chenab valley.

“Since these committees are directly under the influence of Sangh forces and their main aim is to compel local Muslims to vacate and make it an area free from Muslim community,” he said.

While commenting over the role played by local administration he claimed that several officers appointed to key positions are affiliated to sectarian ideology and do not listen to the Muslims or redress their grievances. “Instead of providing relief to effected Muslim community they feel satisfaction and joy and extend every possible support to these sectarian elements for that they think that they are doing the good job,” he said.

“There is nothing denying the fact that some sections are hell-bent to isolate the Chenab Valley, Poonch and Rajori from their brethren in valley. However, now no more distances exist between Chenab and Kashmir valleys,” Geelani said. “People in valley share pain and we stand with them and understand their agonies they face.” The Hurriyat (G) chairman reaffirmed his faith and announced that they won’t allow repeating the history and episode of 1947. While blaming RSS and Sangh Parivar, Geelani said that are trying to create differences between the two communities. In his appeal to Muslim community of Jammu province he stressed to demonstrate and protest after Eid prayers against the ‘excesses perpetrated by communal elements and stressed to put pressure on administration for immediate dissolution and disarm the committee and take action against those VDC members involved in stone pelting  murder, rape and extortion.’

Meanwhile, Geelani  while praying for those killed in 2013 including Shaheed Mohammad Afzal Guru, martyrs of Markundal Sumbal, Gool massacre and  all those mujaheddin said, “While celebrating the Eid we should take care of their families and remember the services rendered by these martyrs.”




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