Geelani condemns Sirnoo killings, seeks UN intervention


We have read in history about the heinous crimes of “Changez and Halako”, but the “repression” we are subjected to have surpassed them as well, said chairman Hurriyat (G) Conference, Syed Ali Geelani, while condemning the Sirnoo Pulwama “massacre” in which seven civilians and three militants were killed and more than “100” persons got injured by the pallets and bullets at the hands of government forces.

The octogenarian leader’s spokesman said that even the brutalities have a limit, but the atrocities being committed on people seems to have no end. Every sect is crushed; every house stands testimony to the violence, every village and town bears the imprint and impression of the men in uniform.

Hurriyat (G) Chairman Syed Ali Geelani

Hurriyat chairman said that Delhi claims to have the brave and disciplined army of the world, but in reality, they are so weak. They try test their muscles and “arsenal” on the peaceful protestors who are just demanding their basic and fundamental right, right to self-determination promised by their own leaders.

He questioned the so-called champions of the “Humanity and Democracy” that is this your humanity to use deadly weaponry against peaceful people? Everywhere there are protests, even violent but nowhere in the world nor in India itself they are showered bullets and pallets, but we being Muslims fighting for our rights here, every tool of state terrorism, bullets, pallets, arrests, killings, rapes and harassments all are legalized and justified in grab of national security.

Pro-freedom leader further said that seeing the “innocent killings” on daily basis every human eye gets moist and every heart is touched, but the local “collaborators” and their partners claiming to be the champions of the “Humanity, Democracy & Kashmiryat” have turned deaf and dumb.

Reacting to the fresh “reign of terror” throughout the state especially in South Kashmir, Hurriyat Chairman said that government forces are entering the localities in the dark hours, ransack the houses, beat the inmates, and harass the families especially women and kids and if the population protests the armed forces start firing and shelling.

Referring to the statement of the probe by the Governor administration about Pulwama killings Pro-freedom leader said that we have had these political gimmicks of probes for the past so many decades and we can’t be fooled by these hollow slogans.

The Hurriyat chairman demanded a high-level probe by the authentic bodies under the auspices of UN, into the “heinous war crimes” committed by the government forces in Jammu and Kashmir.

He also urged the UN to help resolve the long pending Kashmir issue in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of the people.


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