Geelani doubts credibility of ‘Kashmir Voice International’

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Hurriyat Conference (G) chairperson, Syed Ali Geelani Tuesday said that “decisive goal with respect to Kashmir dispute is final and unambiguous and only those associated with movement and actively striving for its peaceful, lasting dignified and honourable resolution have right to take any initiative or explore other means”.

While raising doubts about the credibility of a group “Kashmir Voice International’’ established in UK the Hurriyat patriarch said that UN resolutions form the basis of our “freedom struggle” and guarantee the plebiscite right for “oppressed and suppressed” Kashmiri people.

The octogenarian leader said that Kashmir issue is simply an issue for right to self-determination and this right lists at top in all other recognized human values.

Geelani said that some people while dealing with this issue are creating confusion and unnecessarily making it complicated and ambiguous. “People striving for Kashmir cause and laying precious sacrifices don’t like all this and won’t support any such move.”

Blaming India for their stubborn and egoistic attitude, Geelani said they are creating impediments and hurdles in its peaceful resolutions.

“India has backtracked from its commitment and with its military might is suppressing and strangulating the genuine voices in the state,” he said.

Referring to KVI, Geelani said that it is ridiculous and strange that instead of asking India, the said group has asked people of the state to demonstrate flexibility and it is more astonishing to pursue other options instead of UN resolutions. “We are all set and able to plead our case at international forums and have capacity to prove our mettle when needed,” Geelani said.


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