Insufficient paramedical staff mars district hospital Islamabad

Umar Khurshid


Rep Picture

The chronic shortage of paramedical staff in District hospital Islamabad is effecting the overall functioning of the hospital badly.

Doctors in the hospital informed Kashmir Life that the hospital is facing a dearth of paramedical staff.

“After a patient is operated there is no staff to take care of him/her in the post-operative ward.”

They said that least there should be separate staff for post-operative wards and separate for general wards.

The doctors said, “Sometimes they themselves perform

duties of paramedical staff.”

“We find it difficult to meet the increasing rush of patients from every nook and corner of the district,” they said, “Everyday patients in hundreds turn up for the treatment, but we can’t do justice with our duties due to lack of paramedics.”

Admitting the dearth of paramedics, medical superintendent of the hospital, Dr Ab Majid Mirab said, that due to the lack of paramedical staff in the hospital there are number of problems faced by patients as well doctors of the hospital.

He however requested the government to provide more paramedical staff so that they can coop with the patient rush.


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