Geelani holds Govt responsible for Spurious Drugs

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While terming the supplying of spurious and fake drugs to the Kashmiris as a serious issue, Hurriyat Conference (G) said that the state government is playing with the precious human lives and they not only are equally responsible for this crime but some of their ministers are having partnership in this filthy trade.

Hurriyat (G) also expressed its concern and anguish over the scandal of fake and substandard sprays for orchards which instead of benefit cause severe harm to the fruit production and said that the policy makers of India are working on an extensive plan to destroy the Kashmiri nation on health, economical and moral levels and for the crime of demanding freedom, they want Kashmiris to beg for even a drop of water.

A high level delegation of All Kashmir Chemists and Distribution Federation (AKCDF) held a long meeting with Geelani at his residence and in which they revealed some alarming facts about the supply and trade of spurious and substandard medicine in Kashmir.

The delegation informed Geelani that all the activities related to the supply of medicine were although shifted from Srinagar to Jammu in 90’s, so the traders in the Valley were not only left helpless but Jammu has been declared as the launching pad for making and supplying spurious and substandard medicines to the Valley.

According to the delegation, many ministers including Sham Lal Sharma have been involved in this filthy trade and due to their patronage nether have been any notice taken in this regard nor is there any possibility of nabbing the criminals. While referring to the 584 deaths of the infants in GP Panth Hospital, they said that through these fake drugs, genocides is going on in Kashmir in an insensitive way and this process is still continue.

Hurriyat Chairman assured the delegation that Hurriyat Conference will observe the possibilities to act against these imperialistic approaches and will consult experts who are related with this trade.

Geelani, however, said that some greedy doctors are also involved in this filthy trade of human lives and in place of illegal and unjust incentives from the companies; they are prescribing these substandard medicines to the patients. These people are not only defaming this noble profession but they are acting as killers instead of ‘messiahs’.

Geelani said that the complaints of the people related to the fruit industry have also reached to me that the sprays sold in the valley are showing reverse action and instead of benefit, they are severely harming the fruit production.

According to them, some known and famous names of the state are also involved in this and for their personal benefits they are preparing substandard sprays.

Geelani agreed with the views of the delegation that the supply of the fake and spurious drugs to the valley is definitely related with the genocides of the Kashmiris and India is working in every possible ways to harm the people of Kashmir.

The policy makers of Delhi are not only playing with the precious human lives of the Kashmir but like the water and electricity, they want to capture other trade and business activities of the valley and want to make the people of this region economically backward. Hurriyat Chairman, however, said that all these issues are the offshoots of the forced occupation of India over Kashmir, so we should concentrate on the ongoing struggle against this military occupation. He said that until India is occupying this region, we can raise our voices and protest against these excesses but neither can we stop this nor can we get rid of this. (KNS)

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