Geelani Invokes State Constitution to Counter NIA

KL Report


Taking ‘strong notice’ of confiscating the properties of the Kashmiri people, shifting of the under trials in ‘fake’ cases to Delhi and ‘harassing’ common people over phone by the investigating agency of Delhi NIA, chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani cautioned that if this process is not stopped, Hurriyat Conference will create ‘public consensus’ against this issue and will think over the action plans against this ‘state terrorism’.

While terming the role of Omer Abdullah government over this issue as ‘sorrowful and condemnable’, Geelani said, “the state of Jammu & Kashmir has its own constitution and statute and according to which the citizen of Jammu and Kashmir should be tried in the state court, but to its contrary the NIA are registering false and fake cases against the Kashmiris in Delhi with dozens of police persons as fake witnesses and then the trial goes on for years together and due to the long list of witnesses  this trial proves very painful.”

“This act not only amounts to the disgracing of the state constitution and law but it is the indication of the cowardice of the state rulers that they not only fail to protect the citizens of the state but they vehemently help NIA in harassing them,” Geelani said.

Hurriyat (G) chief said, “we want to aware the public about the coercive tactics of the NIA in Kashmir and we want to inform the government that if this process doesn’t stop, we will take this issue to the public court and it will be resisted tooth and nail.”

Giving details, he said that NIA recently confiscated the personal property of 8 Kanals of land of the wife of Ghulam Nabi Khan alias Amir Khan of Serigufwara Islamabad who is presently living in ‘Azad’ Kashmir and before it the state police also seized the house of a Hurriyat leader Ghulam Mohammad Khan Sopori.

Besides, Geelani alleged, “this the investigating agency of Delhi NIA have started to shift Kashmiri under trials to the Delhi who are languishing in the state jails and till now three detainees of Srinagar central jail including Muzaffar Ahmad (Mohammad Ali) of Pattan have been shifted to the Tihar jail Delhi. Before this a Tehreek-e-Hurriyat leader Dr. Ghulam Mohammad Bhat was arrested in January 2011 and was handed over to NIA and he is also in Tihar jail.”

“125 fake witnesses have been registered against him and they are all unnecessary, so that his detention can be prolonged. NIA also arrested Farooq Ahmad Dagga Kupwara, Ghulam Jeelani Sopore and Mohammad Sadeeq Sopore and registered false cases against them. This is totally illegal and it doesn’t have any justification,” Geelani said.

“The real purpose of this shifting is that Delhi police and judiciary are although under the influence of the communal forces so it is very easy there to prove the false and fabricated cases against them.”

The pro-freedom leader expressed ‘sorrow and surprise’ over the ‘role’ of state government and Kashmir police who are “illegally” cooperating with the NIA in this act of “state terrorism” and Rajbagh police station and task force headquarter Cargo have been given “special instructions” in this regard.

“NIA is not only acting against the under trials but they are also interrogating and harassing those common citizens who have ever talked over phone with the persons who have been fabricated in false cases. Till now about one thousand people have been interrogated in Rajbagh police station where they are threatened and insulted. It has created anarchy in the whole state and the people are feeling unsafe in the hands of NIA,” Geelani alleged.

Hurriyat patriarch cautioned that the Hurriyat Conference is closely observing the activities of NIA and if this process of harassment of common people is not stopped, it will be resisted tooth and nail and the public consensus will be started with this respect.


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