Geelani is fine, rumours baseless

Riyaz Ul Khaliq


Ailing separatist leader Syed Ali Geelani is fine. With valley being under snow blanket and snag in internet  and cellphone services, the rumours were abuzz that Geelani’s condition has deteriorated. Some even went to the extent that ailing leader is ‘no more’.

Kashmir Life news room received several calls during night from people in valley and outside who enquired about the condition of Geelani. Taking the snag as  ‘preventive measure’ of government, there was a notion that something untoward has happened to Geelani with the result cellphones and internet services have been suspended.

“Is Geelani sahab alright? Anyone from Kashmir. Please confirm. Mobile Services are down in Srinagar and other adjoining parts. Is everything okay?,” a facebook user posted as his status update.

The officials claimed that some people want to create law and order problem out of weather conditions.

“It is a technical issue. The snag developed may be because of bad weather,” a senior police official told Kashmir Life on condition of anonymity.

When contacted Dr Ghulam Muhammad Ganai, spokesperson of Tehreek Hurriyat, said, “Geelani sahab is fine. Whatever has happened to communication system may be because of bad weather.”

“It would perhaps be helpful if everyone on Facebook or Twitter stopped behaving as ace reporters. The thin but in-erasable line between rumour and news is known to have saved lives in the past,” wrote novelist Mirza Waheed.

According to Hurriyat (G), as weather improves, Geelani would be flown to New Delhi for treatment.


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