Geelani, Mirwaiz welcomes UNHRC statement on Kashmir


Hurriyat (G) Conference chairman, Syed Ali Geelani on Tuesday welcomed the United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner Michel Bachelet’s remarks on the poor performance of India, with reference to protection of human rights in Jammu and Kashmir.

Expressing hope, that the newly appointed High Commissioner for UN Human Rights Commission shall endeavor to fulfill the obligations of this august world body with respect to the protection of civil and political rights of the people all over the world including Jammu and Kashmir, the spokesman in a statement said.

The Hurriyat leader termed Kashmir issue as a humanitarian and an issue of the right to self-determination as established by the Indian Independence Act of 1947 and guaranteed by the United Nations in a resolution passed and accepted by the UN on the request of the then Indian leadership.

Meanwhile, Hurriyat (M) Conference also welcomed the statement of UN human rights council, Michelle Bachelet, wherein she has reprimanded the Government of India for not acting on the crucial UN report regarding the grave human rights abuses and violations in Jammu and Kashmir.

Hurriyat spokesman said that Kashmir is the world’s most militarised zone with the highest concentration of forces who have committed countless human rights violations over the past three decades and continue to do so. Civilians continue to get killed, maimed disappeared and arrested at their will.

In a statement issued Hurriyat said that as UN is the world’s oldest and greatest international forum, Kashmir is also one of the oldest disputes pending before this forum and UN is duty bound to ensure the resolution of this dispute.

Hurriyat said that the statement of the head of the UN human rights council Michelle Bachelet reflects that GoI is not only deeply involved in rights violations in Kashmir but also in muzzling the voice of people.


  1. Now the seperatists need not worry. Azadi. Will be at their door steps soon. Angrez ne jo bayan diya hai bharat ko kuch karna hi padega. What about KPs human rights who were thrown away from Kashmir by the militants. Hasn’t this clever English or whatsoever he is said anything about it? My foot UNHRC


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