Geelani reacts to DGP’s assertions

KL Report


While sharply reacting to the statement of Director General Police (DGP) in which he blamed the separatists for the Palhallan youth’s killing, Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani Wednesday said “it is an attempt to hide their acts of worst kind of the state-terrorism.”

In an emailed statement to KNS from New Delhi Geelani said, “We are running a peaceful political movement in Jammu and Kashmir to achieve our just and genuine goal and we are representing the wishes and sentiments of the majority population of the state. We have no power or machinery which we can use to disturb the situation of law and order of the state and the accusation of the police chief is basically an attempt to hide his own faults.”

“It has been the old and successful tactics of the oppressors to themselves disturb the peace and then blame the oppressed people for the situation and punish them for that so that no one from the oppressed people can dare to raise his voice against them. This is the arrogance of power which is speaking in a high tone,” he alleged.

The Hurriyat (G) chairman expressed his surprise that after ‘provoking’ the people by ‘unjust’ arrests, night raids, frequent search operation and imposition of restrictions and curfew, the police chief is expecting that the situation should remain normal. “It is very cheap thinking on the part of a top police official. Youths are arrested, tortured, abused and insulted in police stations without any justification and they are pushed to walls and their career is ruined,” he alleged.

“The occupation of Indian over Kashmir doesn’t have any moral, political and legal justification and the India should now accept the ground realities in Kashmir and fulfill the promises which its leadership has made with the Kashmiri people at national as well as international level, that they will be given a chance to decide their future,” Geelani added.


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