Geelani tells Parents, ‘Stop Your Children from Participating in So-Called Cultural Programs’



Ailing Syed Ali Geelani
Ailing Syed Ali Geelani

Demanding an impartial and fair investigation into the case of “exploitation” of the girl students on the pretext of so-called cultural programs, Chairperson All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Syed Ali Geelani expressed his deep concern that the schools, colleges and the universities are concentrating more towards the non-educational activities than the education of the students and in the name of so-called cultural programs.

“The students are asked to indulge in such shameful and vulgar activities which have no relations with our religious and social traditions,” Geelani alleged in a statement issued Thursday evening.

In a “humble and passionate” appeal to the parents of the students to pay their special attention towards the character and moral education of their children and don’t let them participate in such activities which could have negative impact over their character, Geelani said, “the students are although a sacred trust with the teachers who are responsible to provide them better and quality education but in the changing scenario, this student-teacher relation is vanishing very fast and now this teaching and teacher like sacred profession has become just a source of earning.”

He said, “the consequences of this situation are clearly visible on the ground and our new generation is bearing the brunt of that. The huge salaries which the teachers are drawing as compensation for their duties also demands that they should provide better and quality education to the students and inculcate good manners in them and stay away from non-educational activities.”

The pro-freedom leader expressed his deep concern over the reports that the teachers are focusing on their private tuition classes more than the education in the school and this trend has converted the education system into an education industry.

Geelani said, “the children are our future and the builders of the nations have to play a vital role in making and building the future of their nation and any negligence on that part amounts to a serious moral crime.” “I had long ago cautioned against the non-teaching activities in the name of cultural programs in the schools and colleges and had said that to continue its illegal and forced occupation in Jammu & Kashmir, India is working on its plan to spoil the moral character of our younger generation. They by eliminating our Muslim identity and social traditions want to establish their irreligious culture on us and to achieve this target they are working on many fronts.”

Geelani said, “the alcohol, narcotic drugs and immorality are promoted under the government’s patronage and for this purpose they also use our educational institutions as a tool.”

Lashing out army’s “Operation Sadhbavna” program, the octogenarian leader said, “since the RSS got direct access in the Jammu & Kashmir affairs, the situations have turned more serious from then and the government departments in a planned manner are launching offensive on our religious and social values. The students especially the girl students are taken on ‘India tour’ under the Indian army’s so-called Sadhbavna operation and are brainwashed there. Organizing singing and dance functions in the name of cultural programs is becoming a norm and the students in schools and colleges are forced to participate in these non-teaching and non-educational activities. This situation has concerned every conscience person and particularly those respectable families are anguished over this whose daughters are studying in these schools, colleges and universities.”

Geelani expressed sorrow over the “wisdom of those parents who are showing carelessness with regarding to the moral character of their children and who do not care about the activities and the behaviour of their children.”


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