Appreciating decision of the Union Cabinet to approve creation of five new battalions of Indian Reserve Police (IRP), General Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Ved Mahajan Thursday said that this decision of the Union Government was endorsement of the stand taken by former Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed.

He recalled that Mufti, during his tenure as Chief Minister of the State, had always supported special recruitment drive for the unemployed youth of border areas.

In a party statement issued here today, Ved Mahajan said that decision of the Union Cabinet would give recruitment to at least 5500 youth and sixty percent reservation would be given to the border youth. He said that this decision would provide much awaited relief to the unemployed youth of border areas.

Mahajan recalled that border belts were always the focus areas of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed because during his two tenures as Chief Minister of the State, Mufti Sahib had formulated comprehensive policies for the socio-economic growth of the inhabitants of border areas. “During campaign of 2014 assembly elections, Mufti had promised to start special recruitment drive for unemployment youth of border belts and decision of the Union Cabinet to sanction five new battalions of IRP is endorsement of the stand of late Chief Minister,” he said and added that credit for creating these battalions goes to Mufti Sahib because it was all due to his (Mufti Sahib’s) effort earlier that Union Government has sanctioned these battalions now.

Mahajan further reminded that Mufti Mohammad Sayeed had a vision for border residents and recalled that during his last visit to Jammu in the month of December 2015, Mufti Sahib had visited border areas of R S Pura to explore possibilities of creating infrastructure for border tourism. “During his first tenure as Chief Minister of the State from 2002 to 2005, Mufti Sahib had provided compensation to the border farmers at their door steps,” he recalled.


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