Geelani Terms Presence Of UN Observers In Kashmir Vital


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Terming the relevance and the presence of UN military observers in Kashmir of vital importance, Hurriyat (G) Chairman, Syed Ali Geelani on Wednesday said that Kashmir’s as a party were not included in Shimla Agreement and said agreement has not over taken the role of UN observers.

Syed Ali Geelani added that India has no right to ask for the legality of UN observers as it was India that submitted the case in United Nation.

In a statement from Delhi, aged separatist leader said: “Though United Nation has not played an impressive and allocated role and exhibited negligence, yet no power on earth can deny the importance of deployment of its observers in Jammu and Kashmir and stand a logic and clear proof that Kashmir is in no way a part of India.”

He added that it is a disputed nature and the resolution with regards to its future political destiny is yet to be resolved. Geelani while referring the bilateral agreements between the two countries said that since 1947 the two nations signed the agreements and resolved to settle the issue but in absence of the prime party no positive results were yielded and added that these agreements had proved that presence of UN observers has not lost its importance.

“India as an appellant had requested the UN intervention and it would be unjustified and a sort of disregard to impress its demand for the withdrawal of the UN troops from the disputed territory,” said Geelani, adding, “It does not suit a nation to disassociate and show indifference to international agreements which once it has endorsed. India while pressing for the withdrawal of UN observers has floated an impression that its tall claims for democracy is nothing but mere hoax. India behaves like a colonial country and disagrees the agreements in order to depict its military might.”

Pro-freedom separatist leader while referring the history said, Jammu and Kashmir was a sovereign state till 1947 and India with its aggressive policy and invasion by its forces occupied the state and added that it was India that sought the intervention of United Nations and even the 18 resolutions agreed upon in UN stand testimony for resolution of Kashmir dispute.

Syed Ali Geelani quoted the Indian history and added that freedom movement of India against the British rule and added neither United Nations nor any bilateral agreement between the two guaranteed that Indian people would be provided a right to decide their political future.

Geelani categorically said, even in case UN withdraws its observers, still no power on earth can deny the freedom right to people of Jammu and Kashmir nor the people in any way would call off their struggle. “The resolution observed and accorded in United Nations provides a moral and constitutional support to our cause,” he said.

While referring to the other sates viz; UP and Bihar said that Jammu and Kashmir was annexed with India by repressive measures, otherwise they are not in a position to continue their occupation without their military might even for a single day.

Referring to Omer Abdullah, Syed Ali Geelani made it clear that he has no role to intervene in the said matter and it is better to confine himself to administration only and added that in order to appease the masters in Delhi Omer Abdullah issued a statement to seek blessings and stop Mufti Syed and Saif Din Soz for their role in Kashmir politics.


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