Geelani writes to Pak PM

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Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani Monday appealed Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif to play a role of facilitator between Saudi Arabia and Iran and try to call a meeting of the heads of the organization of the Muslim countries (OIC) to find a respectable solution to the Yemen conflict.

“Instead of becoming the part of the unholy war, Pakistan should play a vital role of a mediator. Pakistan should play a leading role in the Muslim world and it is only possible when the foreign policies of this country are made liberal and free from the American influence,” Geelani said in a statement to KNS.

In a letter sent to the Pakistan PM, he said, “The situation in Iraq, Syria and Now Yemen is concern for the Muslims of the world and Pakistan government can play a very vital role in this serious situations and their intervention can change these situations in favor of the Muslims. Pakistan is a unique Muslim country of the world created in the name of Islam and the foreign policy of this should be favorable to the collective interests of the Muslim Ummah. Creation of a strong Muslim Block and reconciliation of all the big and small disputes between them should be the priority of the foreign policies of the Pakistan.”

“First requirement of this bold character is the friendship and cooperation of the neighboring Muslim countries especially Afghanistan and Iran which it can’t be ignored in any case. The relation of Pakistan with these two Muslim countries has not remained too good so far. The foreign policy of Pakistan has been inclined towards the far-off America instead of the neighboring country Soviet Union for which this country paid a huge price in the past and the current friendship of America is also adding to the sufferings of the Pakistan,” Geelani said.

The Hurriyat (G) chairman said that the relation with America whether good or bad is in no way good for any one and the disorder and “the instability prevailing in the Muslim World at this time is the creation of this country.”

“Bad relation with Iran is also proving costly for the Pakistan and it not only creates problems at the foreign levels but it also impacts the internal situations of this country. Any involvement of the Pakistan in the Yemen war will cost his image in the Muslim block and this war will bring Pakistan face-to-face with the neighboring Islamic country Iran and it will also increase the internal disturbances of this country,” he said.

Geelani in his brief letter raised the point that Pakistan should not only remain neutral in this unholy war but should play a vital role of mediator between the Muslim countries and try to eliminate all the differences between them.


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