Ghulam Hassan Ahdoos Bereaved

SRINAGAR: The wife of Ghulam Hassan, the promoter of Ahdoos Hotel has passed away.

Ahdoos Hotel

The hotel that is a leading eatery of Srinagar since 1918, closed on April 17, following its promoter and most of its staffers getting Covid-19 infection. Even some guests who had been frequenting the hotel were reported infected but not many details were known.

Now today, the Jammu & Kashmir Awami Action Committee (AAC) broke the news of Mrs Ghulam Hassan. It has expressed condolence with the bereaved family.

The hotel had rave reviews after completing its century of operations in 2018.

“Hayat Bhat, the 45-year-old owner and managing director of Ahdoo’s, says that his great-grandfather, Abdul Ahad, worked in the accounts department of Maharaja Hari Singh, who sent Ahad’s son and Bhat’s grandfather, Mohammad Sultan, to study at the East India Company’s confectionery in Calcutta (now Kolkata),” The Indian Express reported in a detailed report on Ahdoos Hotel. “The only confectionery in Kashmir at that time was Nedou’s Hotel, set up by Michael Adam Nedou in 1988. When Sultan returned, he and his cousin set up a bakery, Ahadoo and Sons, named after his father, Ahad. The first Kashmiri bakery in Srinagar, it found favour with the locals and the tourists and branched out into a 60-seater restaurant in 1921. In the 1980s, Bhat’s father extended the brand to include lodging. Today, Ahdoo’s boasts of 120 seats.”


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