Give me majority in Assembly, I promise prosperity: Omar


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The Working President National Conference and Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah has asked the people to beware of the vested interests in politics who are out to grab power and subjugate the interests of people and the State for personal ends.

Addressing a public rally organized by National Conference Jammu Province at Chanderkote on Monday afternoon, Omar Abdullah said that conspiracy is being hatched against the National Conference to scuttle its ‘Naya Jammu and Kashmir Agenda’ aimed at political stability, solidarity, peace, youth welfare and equitable development of all the regions and sub-regions of the state.

“You give me majority in the Assembly, I promise a new and prosperous Jammu and Kashmir where economic development and empowerment of youth, women and work force will rule the roost”, he said and added that this time National Conference urges its supporters and well-wishers to come forward in large numbers and support NC candidates all across the State in the upcoming Assembly Elections to give it absolute majority in the House to settle and address all pending issues once for all for the overall benefit of the State and the Country.

The Working President National Conference said that NC need not to prove its secular, democratic and people-friendly credentials as this party has always proved its mettle and characteristic of being the only party in the State which sacrificed beyond imagination for the cause of the State and its people and kept the high values of secularism, democracy, equitable development and upliftment of all sections of the society particularly belonging to the backward and downtrodden sections as the focal point in its development policy. He said inclusive development has always remained the benchmark of National Conference political agenda.

Omar Abdullah said that during the past six years’ tenure of his government, his all efforts were directed to achieve peace, political stability and all round development. “Though a lot has been registered on the development front and peace process received considerable forward push yet, 100% result could have been achieved on both peace and economic welfare fronts had NC enjoyed the absolute majority in the Assembly”, he said and reiterated his plea to the people to give massive mandate to his party and contribute positively in resolving all political and developmental issues besides achieving the holistic welfare of youth, agriculturists, horticulturists, entrepreneurs, artisans, labours and making the State financially independent by revolutionizing power generation and other developmental sectors.

The Working President NC said that people can themselves judge the PDP’s credentials and its sincerity towards public cause by scanning through the individuals; it is an amalgam of those who are wallowed in the morass of corruption, wrong-doings, unscrupulousness, political opportunism, power hunger and lust for chair. He said rejecting these political opportunists in the election is the need of the hour and people of all areas and all sections of the society have to teach them a lesson in the elections so that their nefarious designs of dividing the society on regional, communal and other grounds are defeated once for all.

Omar said that Jammu and Kashmir has remained aboard of different faiths, cultures, languages and heritage. He said the people in this part of the world have lived in an atmosphere of peace and amity since ages. He said the love bonds between various sections of the society in Jammu and Kashmir are world famous. He said National Conference is the only political party which represents and nurtures this unique and admirable trait of the State and has stood time and again firm and strong against those who tried to subvert and damage this characteristic of the State.

The Working President NC said that attempts have been made in the past as also at present are being made by certain political parties to divide the society and besmirch the age-old amity and brotherhood of the State for power game. He asked the people to stand up against these forces and make them eat the dust in the election arena by handing over historic defeat as was done by the people of Jammu and Kashmir in 1977 Elections when all the anti-State, anti-people and disgruntled elements joined hands to damage National Conference and its pro-State policies.

Speaking on the occasion, National Conference Provincial President Jammu, Devender Singh Rana said that people are wise enough to differentiate between friends and foes. He said the NC’s agenda and policy programme for all round, inclusive and equitable development of all sections of the society particularly living in remote, far-flung and hilly areas as also those belonging to poorer sections of the society is lucid and clear. He said NC would spare no efforts to achieve the goal of ‘Naya Jammu and Kashmir’ and seek welfare of youth, women and work force. He said voting in favour of NC amounts to vote in favour of public cause.

“We have never compromised on our policy and our this credential is time tested”, he said and added that NC is not only a political party but a movement for the people, by the people and of the people to safeguard the secular-democratic and pluralistic fabric of the State and achieve prosperous Jammu and Kashmir.

The public meeting was also addressed by various leaders of National Conference and the contesting candidate from Banihal Constituency Sajjad Shaheen also addressed the gathering.



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