‘Give Mufti a chance’: Radha Kumar to people

KL Report


Former female interlocutor Radah Kumar Wednesday said that people of Jammu and Kashmir should give Mufti Muhammad Sayeed a chance and should not raise eye-brows at a wrong time.

“People of Kashmir should wait and should give PDP a chance. They should only react if the PDP-BJP government will fail to deliver the goods,” Radha Kumar told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS adding that PDP-BJP government will not touch the contentious issues and their focus will primarily on the good governance.

“What I have grabbed from the political developments in Jammu and Kashmir is that the basic focus of PDP-BJP led government will be good governance and both the parties have decided to shelve all the contentious issues,” she said.

Radha Kumar said that it is difficult to guess whether the PDP-BJP coalition government will complete its full term or not. “No one can make an accurate guess in this regard. It will be too difficult for PDP to work with BJP as both the paties pursue a different and distinct agenda,” she said but added that Mufti Muhammad Sayeed is a seasoned politician and he knows how to steer a boat.


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