Lone accuses PDP of cheating voters

KL Report


National Conference Wednesday alleged that People’s Democratic Party cheated people by forming the government with the support of a communal party like Bhartiya Janata Party.

“PDP did not do good for the people of Kashmir. It hugged that party against whom it sought votes from the people of Kashmir,” NC senior leader and former Minister Muhammad Akbar Lone told CNS adding that people of Kashmir will never forgive PDP for helping BJP to enjoy the seat of power.

Accusing PDP of cheating people of Kashmir, Lone siad that in coming years the ship of PDP will sink and sink deep. “PDP has created history by helping a party (BJP) to share power in the State and have a say in the Legislative Assembly that people detest and treat as communal one,” he said.

The alliance between PDP and BJP has amply made it clear that PDP can go to any extent to cling to the Chair. “PDP has got exposed and people have come to know about the real designs of this party. By forging an alliance with Bhartiya Janata Party, PDP has not only betrayed the common people but has also insulted them,” he said.


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