Give right answer to PDP and its mentor RSS: Mir

Islamabad: Stating that ruling dispensation led by PDP has lost the people’s trust in true sense, J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President G.A. Mir has urged upon the people defeat the divisive & politics of exploitation on the part of ruling dispensation, which has miserably failed on all fronts. He blamed PDP for mass discontent and alienation among the people.

Mir who is joint candidate of INC and NC while addressing election meetings at Khanabal and Damhal Khushi Pora reiterated his appeal to people not to come under false propaganda being spread by PDP aiming to garner support for their candidates. “PDP while sacrificing its principles, has played with the emotions of people on certain sensitive issues for the sake of power,” he told the gatherings.

Gh Ahmad Mir
Ghulam Ahmad Mir

He said it is evident that this Party (PDP) has not come upto the expectations of the people, who voted for them to checkmate BJP RSS, but it is surprising that the same party ensured space for fascist and communal forces in the State, besides that it surrendered everything to them for power.

He said the upcoming by-elections has provided an opportunity to people to demonstrate their anger against the ruling dispensation, besides that it becomes a duty of people to respond to ruling dispensation by rejecting PDP Candidates in the elections, as that will be a right answer to PDP and its mentor RSS.

“The defeat of PDP amounts to defeating the communal agenda of RSS BJP, the need of the hour is to show the PDP that it can no longer take people’s urges and aspirations as for granted, as was done after elections results in 2014,” he said and added that “the ruling dispensation has lost the people’s trust and the defeat of PDP is inevitable in the upcoming elections.”

He said people have witnessed immense hardships under PDP BJP rule and the time has come to give a befitting reply to ruling dispensation, he felt confident that people will respond to the wrong doings of PDP by electing INC NC Candidates to Lok Sabha, who can represent and become their voice in Parliament, he added.

Lashing out at Chief Minister for saying that people have expectations with PDP, Mir described it as a day dreaming saying that it is surprising that the Chief Minister, despite being aware about the mass discontent and anger among the people against her Party, CM is issuing misleading statements, but the people in the entire valley won’t forget the damages to life and property caused due to the wrong approach and mismanagement of the situations, from time to time, by PDP BJP Coalition and one can easily understand that CM is desperate enough about the outcome of elections results, which is certainly going to upset PDP.

My appeal to people is to vote for Congress-NC candidates and ensure the defeat of fascist forces, who are big threat to unity, harmony and secular fabric of the State and this time people should not come under the false propaganda, keeping inview the betrayal and misrule on the on the part of PDP.


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