Global Islamic Research Forum  stages protest against Syria genocide in Srinagar


Members of Global Islamic Research Forum on Tuesday staged a protest demonstration in Press Enclave, Srinagar in solidarity with the Muslims of Syria, who are brutally being killed by the Israeli forces.

Scores of the protestors assembled at press colony shouting anti-Asad regime slogans and pro-Islamic slogans to express the solidarity with the people of Syria.

Global Islamic Research Forum protests in Srinagar, KL file Image

The protesters holding banners and placards some of which were read “Go down Bashar Al Asad, Stop air strikes on innocents, Stop killing children in Syria and Save Syria save Ghouta.”

The members of the forum were miffed at the killings and bombardment by Assad forces, adding that the Muslims of Syria are being butchered ruthlessly and none of the world body has raised the voice against the oppressors.

“Muslims of Syria are being killed mercilessly; even the innocent children and women are not spared. According to Islam the murder of one human is the murder of whole humanity, but we don’t understand why the world bodies are silent over the mass killings in Syria,” said a chairman of Global Islamic Research Forum, Hilal Ahmed.

Urging the Muslim organisations all around the globe to raise their voices against the innocent killings, “the killings are highly condemnable and we request all the heads of International organisations like Aqwam-e-Muttahida and others to find an alternate source to stop these killings in Syria,” Hilal said.

Another protestor expressing anguish over the killings said that “our Muslim brothers are under continuous oppression, hundreds of innocents are being killed, while thousands have lost their limbs,” adding that  our support will always remain constant for the Muslims of Syria and we are against the oppression of Israeli forces.”


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