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While rubbishing reports that Chief Minister Omar Abdullah was taken into confidence by the Government of India before hanging 2001 parliament attack convict Muhammad Afzal Guru, National Conference Additional General Secretary, Dr Mustafa Kamal said the central government took the step in an effort to cover up for its own weaknesses.

Kamal said the hanging of Guru was part of a political game being played by the Congress party. “They wanted to counter the BJP and other saffron parties, as their main aim is to stay in power in Delhi with an eye on 2014 elections”, Kamal told a local news agency KNS.

“Home Minister Shinde was under severe attack from the BJP and sangh parivar, who had decided to boycott him in the upcoming Parliament Session for his statement on Hindu terror. They are doing all this to cover up for their own misdeeds”, he said.

“They could have given Guru 20 days time as is warranted under law to allow him to file a review petition before the Supreme Court as was done in the case of Rajeev Gandhi’s killers”, he added.

Kamal said the Congress party lacked sincerity and good intensions in hanging Guru, ‘which are bound to boomerang on them’. “They are not sincere towards Kashmir. They have 2014 elections in mind and are not worried about Omar Abdullah, even if he becomes weak”, he added.

He dismissed the idea that the NC president Dr Farooq Abdullah and Chief Minister Omar Abdullah should resign from their respective position.

“This is narrow mindedness; 1 lakh people have died in Kashmir which includes Mirwaiz Muhammd Farooq, Mirwaiz South Kashmir, Abdul Gani Lone and Dr Abul Ahad Guru. Right now the situation needs to be handled and kept under control. Government has to assuage people during the troubled times. It cannot run away and leave people to the mercy of killers”, Kamal told KNS on Saturday.

He said many lacunae have been pointed out in the trial and execution of Muhammad Afzal Guru, who would have been alive. However, he said those raising hue and cry over the issue, did nothing to help Guru during last 12 years. “Where were they over last so many years when Guru needed them and their help. Why did they not come to his rescue during all these years?”, Kamal asked.

Kamal defended the statement of NC president Dr Farooq Addullah where he had said that due Legal procedure was followed before hanging Afzal Guru.

“Farooq Saheb is right, but people are pointing out certain lacunae in the process. We had an opinion and we had conveyed it to them. We told them that this was not good for the state and the situation would worsen”, said the NC Additional General Secretary.

Pointing fingers on the congress’ sincerity in dealing with Kashmir, Kamal said their eye was on the chair in J&K and in Delhi.

“They are using all just and unjust means to achieve that. They committed breach of trust in 1953, 1977 and 1984 and in 1996. They established workgroups and then threw their reports into dustbins along with the autonomy resolution. They continue to do so.”, lamented Kamal.


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